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Professional Mosaic Installation

We have over 10 years of experience in mosaic installations at domestic and commercial project. Mosaic installation is our passion and speciality. We have an extensive knowledge in all kinds of mosaic products and mosaic applications. High quality product combined with high quality work will inject style into your living and working space. Your satisfaction with our service is a priority to us. Use professional, award winning mosaic installators and get the service and quality you deserve. Our prices are competitive and fair for the quality of work you receive.

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There are no limits to the versatility of the mosaic tile. Everything from the intricate designs to photographic replicas, difficult shapes and surfaces can be created.

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We are experts in the entire installation process from preparation to finish incorporating our design skills, innovation and traditional craftsmanship.

mosaic installation london


Mosaic creations are not limited to just tiles. Natural products such as stone, pebbles, sea shells, even metal can be used to develop your idea into a bespoke, timeless design.